Tuesday, September 26, 2006


My high school msacott was the "galloping ghost". As a boy I was often facinated by this mascott. My older brother was on the football team an at that time he was my idle. i often combared my local mascott with that of other schools mascotts, the Panthers, the Trojans...etc. the y were boring and generic ours was unique and exciting.
I would sometimes go to my brothers football games and I loved it the band the crowd enthusiasm, the concession stand, and the mascotts. One day I realised that our mascott was never represented in a physical sense. the Panthers had a kid in a panther suit, the Trojens had a kid in a Trojan suit. The Galloping Ghost did not have a kid dressed as a ghost riding a horse.
"Why Not" I asked my father once.
His response was my first encounter with terror. The galloping ghost was from a time of extreme racism in the town that I grew up in. The Galloping Ghost was a Klansmen. Through my question I was introduced to the KKK , and I found out that on time my hometown had one of the largest KKK groups in the North. The galloping Ghost became a unifing tool for the school district and people from all over loved to watch the team play in order to see the ghost mascott. Myy father proceeded to tell me that they had to ban the mascott during the civil rights movement and that the school had no physical mascott since.
Since that time I have always looked at the old white men in my hometown with suspicion. Maybe they were terrorists.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006



I wake up. I dread going. Walking. Seeing the same sights day in and day out. day in and day out.day in and day out.day in and day out.dayin and dayout.dayinanddayout.dayinanddayoutdayinanddayoutdayinanddayoutdayiniand dayoutdayinanddayoutdayinanddayoutdayinanddayoutdayinanddayout............out.dayout/doubt

Monday, September 04, 2006

I've Had This Since I Was Fourteen

I've had this since I was fourteen..... What have I had since I was fourteen? A shirt, an idea, a misconception, a concept, a fallacy. A semse of security? A security blanket? An intagable tangable. I had everything when I was fourteen. I have everything now.
I am thenty six now, do I own twelve more years? Do I have a savings account of memories? Do I want one. I behave as if I do. I keep a shirt as proof. i keep some friends as proof. I keep some attititudes as proof. Maybe my proof is my security. Maybe my shirt is a blanket. What do we get when we cash in our savings?